Many Strathmore products consist of two components mostly with a 1:1 mix ratio by volume. The two component coatings will be sprayed typically either through single component airless spray or by airless heated plural component spray equipment.

Most Strathmore’s exterior coating systems are designed with a sufficient long pot life which allows manual mixing of the two components first before spraying with a single component airless spray pump and spray gun. For some 100% solids and lining applications, however, switching from manual-mixing to plural component equipment will see the following benefits:

  • Reduced material waste
  • No more throwing away unused mixed material at the end of the day
  • Save money by using less clean-up solvent
  • Consistent material quality - no more guesswork or human error in measuring materials
  • Easy to operate - minimal training required
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Rated for 7250 psi (500 bar, 50 MPa) to handle viscous materials and long hose lengths

Minimum requirements for the proper spray equipment for Strathmore heavy-duty high solids and 100% solids coatings and linings include: A minimum 45:1 pressure ratio airless pump with a lower unit setup capable of achieving and maintain the coating/curing agent ratio (mostly 1:1 or other ratio as specified by the product); In-line heater or heaters for each component, capable of delivering 120oF to 130oF (49oC to 54oC) mixed coating at the spray gun, and a low ratio (typically 8:1) feed and recirculating pump for each coating component. The spray equipment is recommended for the use of applying a Strathmore coating on any large scale basis, i.e., rail cars, storage tanks, pipes, and any other large scale or large volume application whether it is be done in-situ or in-plant.

Strathmore technical service specialists can provide onsite recommendations and training to qualified customers on how to properly set up and use the spray equipment – regardless whether it is single component or plural component sprays.

For more information about Strathmore’s Spray Solution, please contact Strathmore with your specific project needs.

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