Technical leaders in 100% solids coating technology

When coatings are applied, two thickness measurements are taken. One is a wet film thickness (WFT) and the other is a dry film thickness (DFT). The coating thickness is measured once before it has cured (dried) to achieve the WFT, and once again after to achieve the DFT. The percent solid refers to the percentage of coating thickness that remains after the coating’s curing (drying) has been completed by which the liquid-applied coating film has become a solid film, or the difference between the WFT and DFT. Usually, a percentage of the solid is lost and thickness is reduced during the drying process. To compensate, more coats are added until the desired thickness is achieved. For example, a 50% solid would require two coats at a WFT of 20 mils (500 microns) per each coat to achieve a total DFT of 20 mils (500 microns) (thus the total DFT = 50% of the total WFT), whereas a 100% solids epoxy/polyurethane would only require a single coat (thus DFT = 100% of WFT). 

By definition, the term “100% solids” means the coating system does not use any solvent to dissolve, carry or reduce any of the coating resins. Further, the applied coating initially in a liquid state, will convert, 100%, to a solid film after application.

With the environment a major concern, Strathmore leads the way with VOC compliant technology in 100% solids high-build and direct-to-metal epoxies and polyurethanes, and our zero or ultra-low VOC water-based coatings. 
Strathmore is North American rail industry’s preferred coating supplier of durable exterior coatings and chemical resistant lining products designed for hopper cars and tank cars carrying commodities from plastic pellets to molten sulfur. Most of these coating and lining systems are high solids or 100% solids.

American Coating, part of the Strathmore Product platform within the CSW Industrials Coatings, Sealants, and Adhesives family, was formed by the pioneer chemists who developed the very first 100% solids epoxy coating solutions for the industrial storage tank industry in North America that includes specialty linings such as epoxy phenolics, epoxy novolacs and fiberglass reinforced epoxy lining systems. These coating systems were the grandfather of various high-performance lining systems used in today’s tank lining market as many global coating suppliers have developed their lining systems based on these pioneer formulas.

Strathmore’s Research and Development team is currently led by Coating Subject Matter Experts who are the world technical leaders in 100% solids coating technology for water/wastewater industry and oil/gas pipeline industry.