Many smaller projects which use 2-component coating materials are hand mixed and manually applied with brushes and rollers. These activities typically result in labor intensive coating jobs with hidden costs, along with a substantial amount of waste.

Strathmore’s Cartridge Grade and Brush Grade Dispensers provide users with a fast, simple, and clean method to apply 2-component materials with a minimum amount of waste. They are used for small field jobs (less than 100 ft2 or 10 m2) and extensively in new construction. They are also used for repairs. 


Strathmore’s Cartridge Grade and Brush Grade Dispensers offer the coating applicators with many benefits including:

  • Environmental Benefit: Significantly reducing waste such as plastic or steel buckets/cans from the garbage dump as they are non-recyclable. It also reduces material waste as there is no longer product left on the sides of the plastic containers.
  • Labor Savings: It offers reduced man hours … 2 less laborers are required on the coating crew as there is no mixing required … it is dispensed.
  • Safety Benefit: The dispensers guarantee that the materials are mixed to the prescribed ratio with a consistent, reliable process, resulting in high quality application of the coating materials.
  • Cost Savings Benefit: The material is available on an as required basis if you need 1.25 liters (you dispense 1.25 liters… as opposed to mixing up 2 x 1 liter kits.)

For more information about Strathmore’s Cartridge Grade and Brush Grade Dispensers, please contact Strathmore with your specific project needs.

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