Ideal Solutions Served with Speed

Strathmore offers a broad line of coating and lining solutions and products which are utilized extensively in the rail and transportation, specialty OEM, petroleum and petrochemical, oil & gas, power, and water and wastewater industries. The Strathmore high performance coating and lining solution is the only complete liquid coating technology family of its kind serving the marketplace for corrosive environments containing crude oil, slurry, corn syrup, gasoline, solvents, motor fuels, alkaline, brine, water and wastewater, etc.

Our Sales, Technical Service and R&D work together to continuously develop innovative products and solutions that solve problems and produce coatings that are exceptional in terms of use and performance. Our experienced leaders who have knowledge in formulation, quality control, manufacturing, purchasing, and technical service create a total service package that is not available to most coatings users.  Our motto is "Ideal Solutions Served with Speed."

Strathmore’s coating solutions offer faster throughput, cost efficiency, more consistent quality and eco-responsibility.  Some of the Strathmore coating advantages include:

  • High solids or 100% solids
  • High build, Single-coat
  • Direct to metal
  • Fast throughput & labor savings
  • FDA compliant
  • Low VOC and HAP emissions
  • Less or no solvent entrapment