Using the proper equipment is often as essential to the application of a high solids or 100% solids liquid epoxy and polyurethane coating as the product itself!

Many Strathmore products consist of two components mostly with a 1:1 mix ratio by volume, The two component coatings will be sprayed typically either through single component airless spray or by airless heated plural component spray equipment.

Minimum requirements for the proper spray equipment include: A minimum 45:1 pressure ratio airless pump with a lower unit setup capable of achieving and maintain the coating/curing agent ratio (mostly 1:1 or other ratio as specified by the product);  In-line heater or heaters for each component, capable of delivering 120oF to 130oF (49oC to 54oC) mixed coating at the spray gun, and a low ratio (typically 8:1) feed and recirculating pump for each coating component. The spray equipment is recommended for the use of applying a Strathmore coating on any large scale basis, i.e., rail cars, storage tanks, pipes, and any other large scale or large volume application whether it is be done in-situ or in-plant. Strathmore’s Cartridge Grade and Brush Grade Dispensers are used for small field jobs (less than 100 ft2 or 10 m2) and extensively in new construction. They are also used for repairs. 

Training Programs

Strathmore has teams of in-house and field technical service specialists, led by coating subject matter experts and technical leaders who are NACE International Level 3 Certified Coating Inspectors. They are deemed the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, and they are available for giving out customized training for Strathmore’s distributors, applicators and customers. Keep your protective coatings knowledge up-to-date with our popular technology, application, and inspection/trouble-shooting training programs on low or zero VOCs, high solids or 100% solids high performance coatings.

On-site Seminars

The on-site seminars provide basic technical information about the evolution of, and current uses for, liquid type high performance corrosion prevention coatings. Emphasis is on low or zero VOCs, high solids or 100% solids coating technologies. The latest technological advances will also be discussed, along with upcoming developments.  These seminars are customized for your particular group or your specialty coating application and will be of interest to project engineers, specifiers, end users and professional applicators. Application characteristics, performance characteristics, case histories and comparative data related to Strathmore “state of the art” low or zero VOCs, high solids or 100% solids coatings are included.

Approved Applicator Training

Strathmore’s Approved Applicator training program is designed to provide certification training (including plural component products and equipment and cartridge or brush-applied products and applications) to a professional industrial coatings application company. The emphasis is on a combination of practical classroom and hands-on training.  The goal is to certify the company as an Approved Applicator and the individual attendees as Strathmore trained applicators. Strathmore’s product warranties only apply where an application is performed by a trained applicator working for an Approved Applicator. This provides our network of applicators with a competitive advantage and protects our customers from the costs and headaches associated with poor workmanship.  Approved Applicator training takes place at the customer’s premises, using equipment sourced through or configured to Strathmore’s specifications. Extensive course material is provided. Strathmore’s trained applicators graduate with a basic level of knowledge in the use and application of cartridge/brush and plural component spray-applied high performance coatings, surface preparation, trouble-shooting and problem resolution, inspection and repair, safety and equipment maintenance, and project management.

Distributor/Agent Training 

Strathmore’s Distributor/Agent training program is designed to provide certification training to a professional individual or company who wants to become a Strathmore certified distributor or agent.  The goal is to give out a broader overview of Strathmore “state of the art” low or zero VOCs, high solids or 100% solids coatings, explaining the history, uses, features, benefits and upcoming trends that apply to these technologies. The overall goal is to provide an overview of how Strathmore’s “state-of-the art” leading-edge products are changing the coatings landscape and making possible huge advances in the protecting and preserving of our infrastructure in these designated markets that we serve.

Approved Applicator/Inspector Certification Programs

Strathmore’s Approved Applicator/Inspector Certification Programs fall into two modules:

Module One – Strathmore Approved Coating Applicator Program

Applicators receive a certification training focusing on Strathmore “state of the art” low or zero VOCs, high solids or 100% solids coatings. Topics covered include introduction to coating chemistry, materials and surface preparation, coating application, quality control, documentation, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as several other topics. Typical approved applicator program is given at the customer’s site for 1-3 days, depending on the level of coating application experience of the applicators.  

Module Two - Certified Coating/Lining Application and Inspection Training Program for XYZ Industry

The training program offers four consecutive days of interactive, hands-on training for railcar manufacturing or refurbishment facilities. This training program provides coating inspectors an understanding of the requirements, methods, and means to conduct coating/lining inspections inside the various areas of OEM and/or refurbishment facilities for the industry, for example, rail rolling stocks, wind tower, water/wastewater. There are no prerequisites to attend the training course but NACE CIP Level 1 or SSPC PCI Level 1 Certification is recommended. Those who successfully complete the course examination but do not qualify for a certification can receive a certificate of attendance and a grade letter. To achieve certification, NACE CIP Level 1 or SSPC PCI Level 1 Certification is required, along with documented work experience with coatings focused projects for a railcar. With both Module One and Module Two, the curriculum of the initial training is relatively fixed, whereas the refresher training is customized. The training certificate is issued in the name of the individuals trained and is valid only as long as they continue working for the same company. If they change employers, they need to be re-certified with the new employer. If a Strathmore qualified customer hires new or additional people, Strathmore will gladly arrange for training of the new personnel

For further information on Strathmore’s coating application equipment set up and training, please contact Strathmore’s technical department.

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