KATS Coatings® – part of CSW Industrials Protective Coatings group along with Strathmore and American Coatings, is the pioneer in water based transit coating technology. KATS’ temporary and removable coatings have a very unique chemistry and there is no direct water based competitor in the industry.

Traditionally the industry often applies a wrap guard plastic film for temporary and removable protection on industrial equipment and components. The drawbacks of this methods include: only 3 months protection and reapplication is needed; expensive to apply; concerns of longer duration, potential uneven tear and difficult to peel. Other liquid temporary coatings, on the other hands, introduce HSE environmental and safety concerns.

KATS 5000 Series coatings provide temporary protection for up to 12 months and are designed to protect painted and chrome surfaces from potential damage from bugs, bird droppings, acid rain, smoke, iron dust, railroad iron filings and other contaminants.  Coatings may be applied with water compatible HVLP or conventional spray systems.

Industries and Markets:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural
  • Truck
  • Auto
  • Mining
  • Railroad
  • Aerospace
  • RV and Boat

Featured Products

5010Indoor Temporary Coating up to 3 months Clear; Semi-Gloss  Zero VOCYes 
5011Indoor Temporary Coating up to 6 months Clear; Semi-Gloss  Zero VOCYes 
5050Rust Prevention up to 12 months Transparent Zero VOCYes (8077 Remover)
5080Paint Protection up to 12 months Transparent Trace VOCYes (8077 Remover)
5080RPaint Protection up to 12 months Transparent Trace VOCYes (8077 Remover)
5200Chrome Protection up to 6 months Semi/transparent, Milky White Trace VOCYes (8077 Remover)
5506Paint Protection up to 6 months White Zero VOCYes (Soap and Water)

High quality temporary and removable coatings

KATS Coatings offers a complete line of non-solvent, protective coatings includes products for the automotive, industrial, commercial, construction and agricultural industries.


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