Protecting equipment under siege.

Few processes are as hard on equipment as the conversion of crude oil, gases, and other chemical feedstocks into refined fuels, industrial chemicals and gases, plastics, and solvents. Strathmore provides refineries and petrochemical plants with the coatings to protect that equipment, helping facility owners avoid lost time, safety risks, and financial setbacks.

A comprehensive line of defense.

Our products are designed to keep steel and concrete free from corrosion, protect secondary containment areas from chemical leakage and spillover, and provide tank linings that protect storage tanks from the chemicals they contain.

To protect your assets, Strathmore offers a full line of coating products for high-temp service, tank linings, tank bottom repair, corrosion under insulation, maintenance coatings, and industrial fireproofing.

Setting the global standard for an industry.

We’re accustomed to setting the bar high. American Coatings—a Strathmore product line within the CSW Industrials Protective Coatings family—was formed by the pioneer chemists who developed the very first high solids and/or 100% solids epoxy coatings for the North American petroleum and petrochemical tank industry, which included specialty linings such as epoxy phenolics, epoxy novolacs, and fiberglass-reinforced epoxy lining systems. Today, many global coating suppliers have developed their petrochemical tank-lining systems based on our original formulas.

Solution types and applications

Strathmore is trusted by the world’s leading tank owners, operators, and coating contractors. Our lining and coating solution is the only complete liquid coating technology family of its kind serving the tank marketplace for storage tanks containing crude oil, diluted crude, various hydrocarbons, sewage, process water, acids, alkalis, and salt solutions. 

The right solution, fast.

All of our petrochemical coatings and linings possess the following properties for both interior and exterior protections:

  • Low or no VOC/HAP emissions; environmentally friendly
  • High or 100% solids
  • Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Less or no solvent entrapment
  • Quick cure to test and return to service
  • Immersion-Service temperature rating to suit project
  • High-build, single-coat, direct-to-metal application
  • Ability to fill in weld seams, joints, and support structures
  • Great edge retention and flexibility

Exterior Coating and Interior Lining Systems

Strathmore’s TANKPLEX® exterior coating and Stratholiner 8000 series lining systems present the petroleum and petrochemical industry’s most comprehensive solutions for each application. We offer the industry’s leading customized solutions, providing direct-to-metal (DTM), high or 100% solids, medium- to high-gloss finishes, fast throughput, fewer coats, lower energy demand, low or zero VOCs and HAPs systems.