Covering your assets in a harsh world.

Onshore and offshore companies are under continuous pressure to reduce capital costs while meeting strict HSE regulatory requirements. Asset corrosion and coating-related problems compound these challenges for owners and operators. At Strathmore, we understand these challenges and have developed a wide range of solutions for both the upstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas industry.

Keeping equipment safe and budgets intact.

We design all types of anti-corrosion coatings for drilling, wellhead, storage-tank, vessel, and pipeline applications. These solutions typically offer intumescent and heat-resistant properties, along with extreme abrasion resistance. Featuring high and/or 100% solids with low and zero VOCs, these cost-effective coating solutions extend the life of oil field equipment, steel pipelines, tanks, and other structural components. This in turn helps reduce downtime, maintenance costs, and risk of asset failures. 

Ensuring employee safety.

Harsh working conditions prevalent in oil and gas production also tends to require advanced personnel safety considerations. To this end, Strathmore also manufactures non-skid coatings on decks, fire and heat-resistant coatings, and high-visibility colors.

Solution types and applications

Strathmore provides customized formulations and solutions to meet the needs of our oil & gas customers, ensuring ease of application while meeting all local regulations and HSE (heath, safety and environmental) requirements. 

The right solution, fast.

All of our coatings and linings for the oil and gas market possess the following properties:

  • Low or No VOC/HAP emissions, environmentally friendly
  • High or 100% solids
  • Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Less or no solvent entrapment
  • Quick cure to test and return to service
  • Immersion-Service temperature rating to suit project
  • High-build, single-coat, direct-to-metal application
  • Ability to fill in weld seams, joints and support structures
  • Great edge retention and flexibility

Featured Products


    This is an intumescent mastic coating applied to structural steel, concrete, and other construction materials for fire protection. FIREPLEX® CLAD 800 complies with requirements for interior and exterior applications under both the E-119 and the UL 1709 High Rise Hydrocarbon test criteria, and should be specified wherever long-lasting fireproofing with high-abrasion and impact resistance is required. Albi Clad 800 is ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial environments where conventional fireproofing is not sufficiently rugged, lightweight or attractive. FIREPLEX® CLAD 800 will withstand weathering and chemical fumes, and is highly recommended for use on offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, power plants, and dock facilities.


    This is a 1:1, high solids, single coat, direct-to-metal epoxy novolac lining designed to provide good chemical and heat resistance. It is recommended as an interior liner for intermediate service such as crude oil, unleaded gasoline, most aromatic solvents, motor fuels, alkalis, and brine. The product can withstand crude-oil service temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Stratholiner 8000 has decades of experience providing service in the oil and gas market for crude oil storage tanks—with no coating failures ever reported.

High quality interior and exterior coatings

American Coatings provides quality interior and exterior coatings to industrial manufactures, contractors, tank builders, floor coating applicators and equipment owners. 


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