The high-water mark for reliability.

Marine environments are brutal. Pilings, docks, ship decks, hulls, dams, and offshore ballast tanks the world over can attest to the damage endured. Shoring up protection for the marine market, Strathmore offers a variety of abrasion- and corrosion-resistant coatings with low water permeability and low friction.

Compliance without compromising speed.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) first published its current coating standard, ISO 12944, in 1998. Entitled Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by Protective Paint Systems, it is intended to cover a wide variety of industries and service conditions involved in marine applications. These include C3 Medium for coastal areas with low salinity, C4 High for coastal areas with moderate salinity, and C5-M for coast and offshore areas with high salinity. Within a few years, ISO 12944 has been widely adopted by the industry in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. 

However, manufacturers worldwide have been pressured to reduce costs and speed up throughput times for traditional multi-coat epoxy and urethane systems. Many of these systems require 12+ hours of curing prior to handling or require force curing to achieve throughput efficiencies.

New technology. Lower costs.

Strathmore has embraced new performance protocols that allow for faster cures—in some cases, a matter of minutes—or products that set at cold temperatures, providing energy savings. Our comprehensive marine coating and lining solutions meet ISO 12944 requirements, along with our customers’ needs by reducing cycle times, total material costs, and labor.

Solution types and applications

Strathmore offers high-performance marine solutions—from exterior coatings for all C3-C5M environments to interior linings applications—for all types of applications including marine pilings, docks, dams, and ballast tanks.

The right solution, fast.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • High or 100% solids
  • High-build, single-coat
  • Direct-to-metal application
  • Faster throughput
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Ease of application
  • Longer pot life 
  • FDA-compliant
  • Low VOC/HAP emissions
  • Less or no solvent entrapment
  • Higher performing and longer design life

Featured Products


    This product is a 3:1, 76% solids, low VOC, polyamide epoxy designed to provide very good corrosion resistance as a single coat, direct-to-metal (DTM) exterior solution. It is specially designed for marine and other structural components and has the following features and benefits:

    • Ease of application; ability to brush, roll and/or spray
    • Superior gloss retention in a C5 marine environment, maintaining corporate color aesthetics while in service
    • Single coat, applied cost savings due to single coat application
    • Lower VOCs and HAPs
    • Lower energy demand during application

    This is a 9:1, 80% solids, low VOC, non-skid, amine epoxy designed to provide outstanding impact and wear resistance as a single coat, direct-to-metal (DTM) non-slip solution. Typical uses of MARINEPLEX® DECK ARMOUR will be anti-skid applications for ship/barge decks, offshore platforms and drilling rigs, chemical processing plants, and other applications where severe service coating performance and protection of steel and concrete from mechanical damage, abrasive action, and corrosion are required.