About Strathmore




Our Mission

The company's mission is continuous improvement of products, processes and services. The mission of each employee is to provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customer. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our customers to satisfy market needs, thus providing value as a quality leader.

Our History

Strathmore Products, was founded in 1942 to provide custom designed coatings and solvents for industry. Strathmore has been manufacturing customized industrial coatings, diversifying and growing ever since. Three manufacturing facilities are currently maintained in the Syracuse, New York area and Longview, Texas. Each of these facilities have Research and Development Laboratories fully equipped to enhance the manufacturing and development process. A distribution and warehousing facility is maintained in Longview, Texas, with additional third-party distribution points existing in Miami, FL, Laredo, TX, China and Europe. The company was purchased by its previous owners, William R. Udovich and Thomas Burr, in 1979. It was sold to current owners William M. Udovich and Eric T. Burr in 2005.

Geographically, we market our coatings worldwide. In 1993 Strathmore purchased Allerton Chemical, a New York State coatings manufacturer. Strathmore purchased Polymetrics in 1998, a coatings manufacturer in central Florida and Potter Paint, Inc. another central New York industrial coatings manufacturer in 2003. In 2005 we established a warehouse facility in eastern Texas to streamline distribution throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico. And then in 2008, we purchased C.A. Reeves Paint Company - a Syracuse based industrial coatings manufacturer. Strathmore has sales representation in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Canada.

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